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Common Vehicle Sounds That Indicate Trouble

Car noises are often a sign of something going wrong with your car. When you hear these sounds, it is best to have professionals check your vehicle. Here are a common vehicle sounds that indicate trouble:

Clunking Sound

Different factors can cause clunking sounds, such as worn-out ball joints and loose or damaged suspension parts. An inefficient or improperly adjusted brake system can cause this sound.

Shuddering Noise

This shuddering noise is like a rumble or shaking noise. The causes could be a cracked head gasket or worn valve seal. Too much oil pumped into the engine from a leaking oil pump can cause it. A faulty fuel injector can also cause this sound and excessive carbon buildup inside the combustion chamber.

Thumping Sound

This sound might mean that you have an exhaust leak, low tire pressure, or a faulty suspension component, such as shock absorbers or struts. The most common symptoms of the problem are vibrations in the steering wheel, shaking while driving at high speeds, and an uneven tire wear pattern on one side of the vehicle.

Clattering Noise

This noise might mean that you have worn out suspension components, such as the shocks, struts, and springs. The causes can be loose or damaged parts, poor alignment, and improper maintenance. It is because these components are what keep your car in motion. If these components wear out, the vehicle will make more noise as it bounces and shakes on the road.

Whirring Sound

There are two types of whirring sounds from a car: the first is the sound from the fan belt, which means there is something wrong with the belt. The sound of bearings in a car's engine can also be a problem with your pulleys or belts.

Grinding Sound

It could mean something is wrong with your transmission or engine oil level. A car grinding noise is a horrible noise to hear when driving. The cause of this sound can be the friction between metal parts in the vehicle. Faulty alignment, worn-out suspension, or even a broken axle can also cause this sound.

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