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Spring Maintenance Checklist for Your Vehicle

As winter fades away and the warmer months begin, your car needs extra care. If you were driving a lot during winter, chances are that your car's body gathered road salt which can cause rusting. You also need to think about your tires and battery. To help you figure out what to prioritize, here is a spring maintenance checklist for your vehicle.

Wash Road Salt

Take your car for a proper wash, including underneath to wash away road salt. Effective salt removal requires a lot of pressure. It will protect the paint job of your car, which will protect its resale value. 

Change Your Tires

Your winter tires may not do well during warm weather. Winter tires are engineered to give traction on ice, but they will wear out quickly in spring and summer. Consider swapping them out and storing them away for later in the year.

Check Your Wheel Alignment

Driving in winter is likely to have interfered with your car's suspension. You might have hit a curb or driven through potholes. The car needs a wheel alignment check to ensure the steering wheel is not off-center. Proper alignment ensures your wheels wear evenly.

Get the Battery Checked

Cold weather wears batteries out quickly due to the extra energy required to warm your car. It's advisable to have it checked, tested and replaced, if need be. In case the battery fluids are low, it's best to replace the battery even if it still works. You don't want to be inconvenienced when you need to get to work on a weekday morning.

Change Your Wiper Blades

Your wiper blades will be worn out by the time winter is over. Snow, road salt, sub-zero temperatures, and other forms of precipitation are harsh on the rubber on your blades. You, therefore, need to change them. It only takes a minute.

Check your Fluids

Visit a mechanic and have them check your car's engine oil and transmission fluid condition. Chances are that you do not need to replace them, but the check gives you peace of mind. Ensure that there are no warning lights on your dashboard, and you're set for road trips in spring!

If you need an expert to conduct a health check on your car, bring your vehicle into Hagin's Auto today!

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