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This Is How Often You Need to Change Your Brake Fluid

Driving a car may be intimidating for both new and experienced drivers if one denies the car proper servicing. A brake is a crucial part of the car as it helps it to stop. Ignoring replacing the worn-out brake pads is risky; failing to change the brake fluid is equally life-threatening.

Checking the Brake Fluid

Checking the brake fluid is easy because the tank that carries it is translucent to let you see the level. It is wise not to open the brake fluid reservoir unless you plan to change the liquid straight away. Leaving the brake fluid container open may risk the entry of moisture that will contaminate the brake fluid.

How Regular should you Change the Brake Fluid

The majority of the vehicles have a specific routine for changing the brake fluid. The time for changing the brake fluid is often determined by the type of car and it's driving condition. Thus, it is not easy to specify the time unless you know the model of the vehicle. The recommendations for changing the brake fluid are available in the car manual.

The brake fluid has features similar to oil, so the mechanic advises you to check it during oil. The changing of the brake fluid can take 4 to 5 years. But the changing time is likely to be shorter if your car works overtime when pulling through the city traffic.

Disturbing Symptoms that Call for Immediate Brake Fluid Check

You can observe issues with your brake fluid without necessarily opening its reservoir. Here are the symptoms to look out for;

  • Muddy color
  • Burnt smell
  • Low level

Handling Brake Fluid Change is Not a DIY Project

  • There are different brake fluids, and it is wise to avoid mixing them.
  • Ensure the previous fluid is fully drained before adding a fresh one.
  • Changing the brake fluid is very toxic and flammable. Therefore changing it requires knowledge and experience.

Getting Started

More than 6 million accidents occur in different parts of the world annually. Many accidents can be prevented, and taking care of your car is essential in staying safe on the road. Some people drive and brake more than others. Therefore it is a good idea to contact our auto repair shop if you need to change the brake fluid in Martinez, CA. Call Hagin's Auto or schedule an appointment online today!

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