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Why Is My Car Squealing?

Some vehicles run louder than others, but they shouldn’t squeal every time you drive them. Sounds can be very helpful when diagnosing vehicle issues. If your car produces an alarming sound every time you drive or brake, be sure to bring your vehicle to a trusted auto repair shop. 


If you notice a squeak or squeal coming from your vehicle, it could be indicating any of the following problems:

  • Worn Brakes - Brake pads are built with wear indicators and have a metal bar that gets noisy once they’ve worn down. It serves as a warning or reminder to replace your brake pads ASAP. Sometimes, it can be your rotors or calipers too.
  • Dirty Brakes - If you’ve recently serviced your brakes, then worn brakes probably aren’t the issue. Often, dirt, dust, and other loose contaminants can cling onto the rotors and cause your vehicle to squeal. The noise should go away after a car wash or two.
  • Loose Steering Wheel - If your car squeals whenever you turn or move your steering wheel, it means that it is not secure. It may also indicate a lubrication issue. We can check if your vehicle has adequate steering fluid.
  • Wheel Misalignment - If your wheels are knocked out of alignment, it can cause a squeaky sound coming from under your vehicle. If your vehicle is drifting left or right, be sure to come by Hagin’s Automotive for an alignment check. 

If you notice an annoying squealing sound every time you drive, please do not ignore it. Instead, have peace of mind by bringing your vehicle to Hagin’s Automotive for an inspection and diagnosis. We can perform the necessary repairs and have you back on the road safely in no time.

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