It's always been a friendly and fun atmosphere to have my car in this shop, either for repair or just regular maintenance.


I had taken my car to the dealership 3 times to try to figure out what was wrong with it. Hagin's was able to diagnose the issue on the 1st day when I brought it in! I am definately going to use them for all future car servicing issues. They are awesome!


I received the service I have come to expect from Hagin's: informed, competent, friendly.


Thanks for doing a great job on the Ford. And thank you for ?fixing? what the dealer had neglected to do. I appreciate that you go the extra mile, consistently!


I have been getting cars serviced by Andy Hagin and his crew for years. Unlike some places, they have my full trust that they are not pushing repairs or services just to turn a quick buck. Andy stands behind the work done at the shop. Hagin's may not be the lowest price place to get service done, but the money you could waste because repairs were done right or you were lied to by a service writer trying to make a bonus, makes it foolish not to try Hagin's Automotive. You get value and trustworthy service at Hagin's. I am living check to check, so I know why cheap repair shops can appeal to people, but it is not worth the risk. They are still lower price then most dealerships. For me, piece of mind makes them the only choice.


This repair facility has knowledgable employees who care about their customers. The management will accomodate special service requests. The customer is kept informed about the progress of the work to be performed.


I wouldn't take my car anywhere else for service. Andy and gang are the absolute best. They do good work and are honest.


I took my car in to have the brakes checked because it sounded like they were squeaking. They drove it around and took the wheels off and inspected all brakes. Turned out they were perfectly okay. Jeff refused to charge me because he said they didn't find anything wrong. Now that is outstanding customer service!!! Hagin's has my business for as long as they are in business.


Well done, thank you for excellent, above and beyond service and friendliness. I can always trust Hagin's with my car and truck to do what is needed. Thanks again.


I can always count on Andy, Jeff and the guys to take great care of my baby. Even though she's getting on in years, she still runs like a champ. The folks at Hagen are real pros!